School Land Annexation Public Hearing

Notice is given that a public hearing will be held jointly by the Foster County and Wells County School District Reorganziation Committees, Thursday, March 23rd, at 1:30 PM in the Foster County Courthouse, Carrington, ND for the purpose of considering a petition for annexing property from the Carrington School District #49 into the Fessenden-Bowdon School District #25. 

The Petition describes the territotry to be annexed as the following: W2SW4 (36-146-70), SE4NW4 L 3-4-5 (6-145-69), E2SW4 (36-146-70), NE4 (36-146-70), E2NW4 L 1-2 (18-145-69), SE4 (36-146-70), E2NE4 (12-145-70), SE4 (12-145-70), SE4 (13-145-70), E2SW4 L 3-4 EX SE 4SW4SW4 & SW4SE4W4 (18-145-69), E2SW4 L 3-4 (7-145-69), SE4 (7-145-69), SE4SW4SW4 & SW4SE4SW4 (18-145-69), and E2SW4 L 6-7 EX 65.35 a (6-145-69), all in Wells County. 

This hearing is held in accordance with the North Dakota Century School Code Chapter 15.1-12 and by order of the Wells County School District Reorganization Committee 

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