Snow placed in Roadway

Road Department General Information 

Snow Placed In Roadway

  1. NDCC 24-05-23 and 24-12-02 prohibits obstructing or causing there to be an obstruction on public highway, road, or road right of way. Snow dumped, plowed, pushed, or blown onto a roadway or road right of way creates a serious hazard for snow plow operators, motorists, and equipment. Piles of snow left on or near road can freeze into a small mass creating a hazard for all. 
  2. Accidents and damages caused by piles of snow piles in roadway may result in liability to property owner. 
  3. Piles of snow also increase the likelihood of drifts on the road. 
  4. Property owners found in violation will be given notice and shall remove snow. If they fail to do so in a reasonable time, then the County will do so, and the property owner will be billed. 

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