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: Clerk of District Court : District Court

: 10/06/2017 : 11/06/2017

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The Clerk of Court is employed by the county and is a position appointed by the Board of Commissioners. He or She is in charge of the department and will manage one part-time employee. They have administrative duties in the criminal and civil justice systems, assist other officers of the court as well as judges and lawyers. They must maintain court records, administer oaths to witnesses and jurors, and authenticate copies of the court’s orders and judgements with the court’s seal.  Essential duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Managing court records
  • Perform accounting and bookkeeping duties
  • Answer inquiries from the public, defendants, and officials for court dates, money owed, payment schedules and court procedures.
  • Prepare for court by gathering and verifying all schedule cases and processing not guilty pleas, requests by defendant, judicial reassignments and other necessary paperwork.
  • Customer Service skills and open communication regarding proceedings and cases with the police department, attorneys, defendants and schools.
  • Preferred Knowledge of Odyssey software
  • Organization skills
  • Computer skills


Education and/or Experience

A high school diploma/ GED is required with an Associates or Bachelor degree preferred. One to two years of experience providing administrative support, preferably in a judicial/legal/law enforcement environment is preferred.

To apply please email resume to bradsolberg@nd.gov or visit the courthouse in Carrington at 1000 5th St. N. For further information contact the Auditor, Brad Solberg at 701-652-2441.